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Welcome to fatell designs!

Whenever someone asks about fatell designs and what kind of work is done at fatell designs, I tell them that "fatell designs uses a mix of Traditional and Shabby-Chic to create one-of-a-kind Needlepoint canvases that fit any style decor.  If I have more than 30 seconds to give my elevator speech, I'll share how an experience with my grandmother helped to create Needlepoint canvases specifically for the young and the young at heart, age, and who doesn't like a unique, outside-the-box way of showing love and gratitude by giving a gift of sentiment.

Since the inception of fatell designs in 2012, and premiering the first series of Needlepoint canvases in 2013, the goal at fatell designs is to provide the highest quality products with 100% transparency and great customer service to every client.  And because fatell designs was also created to help and work with different philanthropic causes, the mission of "connecting people together with Needlework" is a growing and important part of fatell designs.



creating needlepoint

At fatell designs, every Needlepoint skrim - a fabric of open weave - is designed with the combination of color theory and the colors of a skein to perfectly match each color used in the Needlepoint.  Since matching the colors on a Needlepoint skrim is essential to the stitcher and overall design, only the highest quality products are used to create the rich, opaque colors fatell designs is known for.  Also, every Needlepoint created by fatell designs is hand painted and painted according to stitch.  Thus, making it easier for anyone at any level or experience to stitch a Needlepoint canvas - otherwise known as a "skrim".

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